Heart Rate vs. The Talk Test


Q: What should my heart rate be when working out during pregnancy?


A: Out with the old & in with the new!  The problem with the old standard of staying under a heat rate of 140 beats per minute is that for some a heart rate of 140 beats per/min may be too intense, yet  not challenging enough for others. Especially if you were very active before pregnancy most can work out at a good intensity during*.


The NEW: Use The Talk Test. During pregnancy when you are working out you should still be able to carry on a light conversation, meaning at least a couple word sentences. If you are very breathy & can hardly speak, then you are working out too hard.

Always listen to you body!


*If your doctor has given you the OK to workout with no limitations then get your booty-moving, momma!

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Erica Ziel
Erica Ziel, mother of three & creator of Knocked-Up Fitness is one of southern California's most sought-after experts for fitness-infused Pilates and personal training. Erica created her Knocked-Up Fitness DVDs for women to stay fit and healthy during all stages of pregnancy. Exercise during pregnancy can have enormous benefits to both mom & baby, from having more energy, faster labor & delivery, to bouncing back quickly after baby.

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