As a momma to twin toddlers working full time outside the home, there is nothing I feel I’m better at than having a good routine. I’ll admit it, the first 6 months of motherhood weren’t easy finding a rhythm, but once I found what worked for us…things began to flow.

The biggest advice I always give new mommas is to find your priorities. For me, putting my health first is a priority; because a healthy mindset makes those sleepless nights with newborns so much more bearable when you’re taking good care of yourself. Carrying 11lbs of baby, I developed diastasis recti. From the very beginning of my postpartum journey, I told myself that I would make it a priority to put in the work to heal correctly. We forget the toll pregnancy takes on our bodies, and it is not selfish to give yourself time throughout your day to work on yourselves to slowly heal & repair!

I have not always been a morning person, but I realized quickly upon having kids that my day will always be unpredictable. The one thing I can (mostly) predict was that they typically slept until at LEAST 6:30 am. There is nothing harder than spending your entire day working and/or catering to sick/teething kiddos and then having to find the motivation to fit time in for yourself. I made my time non-negotiable. And then things finally clicked.

A non-negotiable list. I write it down every week, and it includes everything I feel is a non-negotiable part of my day. Caring for myself, which for my first year postpartum meant 20-30 minutes of Core Rehab workouts first thing in the morning. Now I mix things up with 3 rides on my peloton bike a week, 3 days of Core Rehab work, and 1-2 days of light weight training or toning. This is the first thing I do when I wake, followed by a breakfast & coffee while I scroll through my to-do list and emails. The kids are still sleeping, the sun has yet to rise, and it’s such a peaceful way to start my day. From that point on, my day is focused on caring for my boys, knowing that I had already cared for myself first.

Other ways I prioritize myself & my health is my meal prepping. This is done on Sundays, and it’s a great way for daddy to enjoy some time with them for 2 hours while I get to work in the kitchen. We prioritize this time as a family because we both know how easier our weeks are coming home at 5:30 pm to our dinners already prepped. Some might meal prep on Saturday, others might break it up and do it two times throughout the week. The important thing is to plan ahead and put it on your non-negotiable list.

It doesn’t matter if you’re two months postpartum or two years postpartum… If you have yet to put yourself on your non-negotiable list, there’s no better time to start. I know I’m a better mother & wife because of the time I dedicate to myself, & they are deserving of my best.



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