Constipation & Pregnancy

  • Your body has an increased level of progesterone, causing a slowing of food through your digestive tract (so your body can absorb more nutrients).
  • Constipation usually becomes worse as your baby becomes bigger in your belly – more weight pressing down on your intestines compacting everything even more!
  • Possible changes in the foods your eating, such as eating more sugar-rich foods & less fiber-filled foods
  • What to do about this uncomfortable problem?
    • Drink plenty of water
    • Eat high fiber foods – fruits, veggies, oatmeal, beans, legumes, nuts, whole wheat pastas & breads
    • Eat lots of fruits & veggies – high in fiber, water, & NUTRIENTS (repeat I know, but too important not too!)
    • Eat yogurt, greek yogurt, or milk kefir – all have probiotics ( good bacteria for your digestive system)
    • Eat prunes (also a great one to give your baby when he/she is constipated)
    • Exercise regularly – do what feels good for your body, trimester appropriate of course
    • Go poo when you first need to – Don’t wait!
    • Try an all-natural laxative-effect supplement – I love Natural Vitality’s Natural Calm (as always check with your Doc before taking supplements during pregnancy)
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