Learning how to release and relax through your core during pregnancy is extremely important for properly strengthening your deep core, preventing diastasis recti and preparing your body for labor, delivery and recovery postpartum. 

I see women all the time trying so hard to activate their pelvic floor that they end up gripping in their glutes or sucking their belly to their spine. These actions shut off the pelvic floor and can cause more harm than good (think incontinence, pelvic floor dysfunction + more).

Instead, I want you to embrace the idea that less is more. When you go through this exercise, I want you to listen to your body and not force anything. If you don’t feel the connection right away, that is completely ok! Visualization is a powerful tool because once the mind understands what the body should be doing, the body is quick to follow!

Breath Exercise

I want you to sit up tall and take a deep breath into your belly, pelvis and pelvic floor.

On your exhale, let your ribs, hips, pelvis and pelvic floor relax as you are finding space in your body with your breath.

If you are tight in certain areas (ex: obliques), breathe deep into those muscles and tell them that it’s okay to relax.

Feel connected with your body?

Good! Now, let’s dive into some movement. Here are two exercises you can do to help create space in your body, lengthen that fascia and begin strengthening your pelvic floor.

image of pregnancy release exercises
Arch + Rounds

You are first going to want to get on your knees and double up your mat or put a towel underneath your knees if needed.

While on all fours, send your sitz bones back (boney part of your bum) and remember…DON’T tuck your pelvis.

Place your heels together while reaching your arms forward and letting your head just hang.

On your inhale, do a pelvic tilt as you slightly round your back and then on your exhale, go back to neutral.

As always, keep a light pelvic floor connection as you move through this exercise.

Mermaid Stretch

Place one arm behind you as you activate your glutes and lightly zip up from your pelvic floor.

Press up and extend your arm if that feels good for your body. On your inhale, you’re going to visualize your breath going down the sides of your body.

Stay in that position and take a few breaths before you come back down. Repeat this movement 3-5 times on each side.

Learning how to release and relax through your core during pregnancy can not only help you during pregnancy, but postpartum as well! For more information, workouts, nutrition information and more, check out my Knocked-Up Fitness® and Wellness Membership!

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