Pregnant & Eating for 2?

“Eating for 2” – Don’t get carried away…

When eating for 2 you really should not eat double the amount of food & calories. I don’t understand that! I do understand cravings, & hungry urges during pregnancy that are so strong you can’t resist. So, give in A LITTLE! Control is key.

Tips to help overcome over eating (pregnant or not)

  • Drink plenty of water throughout your day – at least 8, 8oz glasses, more if your a regular exerciser (which you should be)
  • Eat a healthy filling breakfast – try oatmeal w/berries, eggs w/avocado
  • Keep your sugar intake in check & eat only real sugar/nothing fake
  • Eat small meals/snacks every 2-4 hours
  • Keep the junk out of your house/ Avoid anything Processed/things in packages & cans (hate to break it to you, it’s not good for you!)
  • Eat fruits & veggies regularly – aim for 1 serving every time you eat
  • Exercise everyday – even if just going for a walk


What “Eating for 2” really means

  • 1st trimester: an extra 200-300 calories/day
  • 2nd Trimester: an extra 200-300 calories/day
  • 3rd trimester: an extra 300 calories/day
  • Breastfeeding: an EXTRA 500 calories/day
  • These are all estimates, but in reality this is the average additional calories you need during your pregnancy. Your total weight gain should be 25-35 pounds (this will vary depending on who you talk to).
  • If you are underweight you should gain towards the higher end of the recommended weight gain, possible more
  • If you are overweight you should gain towards the lower end of the recommended weight gain

Your weight gained WILL come off! or maybe I should rephrase myself, “Your weight CAN come off”. For some this is much easier than others. Don’t worry if you gain more than 35-40 pounds. For some, maybe that’s what your body requires to carry a new life inside. The question you must ask is “Am I eating healthy nutrient dense foods that are good for my baby?” If you answered “yes” & you just can’t control your weight gain than ok, just be honest with yourself. If you answered “no” then you need to be double checking what you are putting in your mouth.


Your baby eats/drinks everything you do 🙂

Breastfeeding is when your appetite really starts to kick in. Don’t stray away from eating, you really do need to eat more to supply nutrient rich milk for your newborn. Even though your appetite kicks in like crazy when you start breastfeeding your weight will continue to come off.

Keeping a food/exercise journal throughout your pregnancy & after can be a great way to help you see what you really are eating & your exercise. Trust me it can help. For many it’s hard to really see what you are eating until you see it written down on a piece of paper.

Eat Healthy for a Healthy Baby 🙂


  • Posted December 2, 2010
    by Amelia

    Great tips! I’m a nutritionist and it still helps to be reminded of these things….given that I’m only 22 weeks along and already 20 lbs heavier 🙂 I think it’s good for the mom to focus on regular exercise and quality of calories eaten, rather than # of calories eaten or pounds gained…this will lead to a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby!

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