Prenatal Exercise & Postpartum Rewards

Prenatal exercise is great for your body and mood during pregnancy, and research has shown that it can also contribute to your baby’s health and even your delivery– which is why Knocked-Up Fitness and Wellness is so passionate about getting you active during your pregnancy & after baby!


Although most mom’s think a pregnancy ends when your baby is in your arms, the ‘4th Trimester’ is an essential part of your bonding time with baby, and a time when your body just begins to work its way back to your pre-pregnancy ‘norm’. The pressure to lose the baby weight doesn’t always come from others, often mom’s just want to feel more healthy, energetic, and back to themselves– which is why the challenge of losing the baby weight is such a huge topic, and why it’s so exciting to see that you can start working towards your goals safely– while you’re still pregnant!

The National Center for Biotechnology Information published a study in 2012, confirming what we promote every day– healthy activity during pregnancy (approved by your doctor!) can really help your postpartum recovery, and your journey back to your pre-pregnancy body (or better!). The results posted in the article, show that:

Women who exercise with low or moderate intensity had lower gestational weight gain, and were as much as four times more likely to be within range of their pre-pregnancy weight at just two months postpartum!prenatal-sculpt-social-media-2

Remember– it takes nine months to gain the baby-weight, and it can take that long to lose it and re-tone the muscles that changed so much to accommodate your beautiful baby! However, we all want to know that it is possible to lose that baby weight– and it’s clear that pregnancy and postpartum health go hand-in-hand. Remember to check with your doctor before beginning a prenatal exercise program– then check out the Knocked-Up Fitness and Wellness Prenatal DVDs and Digital Programs to get started toning, preparing for labor, and gearing up to feel great after baby!



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