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Check out my new video below on Deep Core Strengthening. Learn the importance of your Transverse Abdominals and how they can impact your pregnancy, labor, and beyond!

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  • Brita

    Thank you for this. I just wanted to share my experience – I did your videos all through my first pregnancy (5-6 times a week) along with lots of walking and yoga. I pushed my baby out in three pushes! The midwives said they had never seen anything like it 🙂 I told them about doing your videos and building that strength throughout the 9 months and they now have your videos in their lending library. My belly also recovered quickly and although a bit mushy fit back into my jeans 10 days postpartum. I’m 3 months along with baby #2 and feeling great doing your videos. Thanks for helping all of us take better care of ourselves during pregnancy!

    • Erica Ziel
      Erica Ziel

      Thank you much for sharing this! I’m thrilled that your pregnancy and delivery went amazing! I’ll be sure to add you comment on my testimonial post I’m adding soon. Keep me posted about your 2nd pregnancy and keep up the hard work! You are proof that all of this really does work 🙂

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