Real Mom Blogs: 37 Week Bump Update with Julianna

Reaching Term! As I’ve mentioned before, my first baby came on his own at 36 weeks, healthy as they come and over 7lbs– but early, which made me a little nervous this time around, enough so that at 37 weeks my hospital bag might be dusty! This week marks a point often considered ‘within term’ if baby is born now, although full-term isn’t until 39-42 weeks.


What’s Up With Baby This Week?

At 37 weeks baby is the size of a watermelon (ouch!) and weighs around 6.5lbs. From head to heel he can be over 19 inches, which explains how he can be in my ribs and engaging at the same time! Pretty amazing that just a few months ago baby was the size of an apple seed! At this point, baby will be packing on about half a pound a week until birth, so his kicks have slowed down and movements are usually a rolling or position change. Its important that even as baby runs out of room, you’re still monitoring movement– your baby rolling, re-positioning, and dropping is a good indication that things are going smoothly!

At 37 weeks baby has reached two major gestational milestones– baby has enough white fat to help regulate body temperature on the outside; and baby’s lungs are considered well developed or matured, meaning he or she would likely breathe like a pro at birth. And now, we wait!


Mom’s Progress

This week has proved to be pretty interesting for me, including a visit to labor and delivery for 5 minute apart contractions– all day! After some monitoring to make sure all was well we made our way back home, thinking that any day will be the day! Thankfully with all the contractions (in total about 3 days of fairly regular ones) baby has dropped significantly, relieving a lot of back pressure and giving me a lot more exercise options now that I can breathe easier. I’ve also spent a pretty significant time on my exercise ball, encouraging baby to make his way down. Feeling a lot more energetic this week, I’ve really been enjoying 3 Pregnancy Exercises to Tone & Tighten Your Legs and Prenatal: Pilates Yoga


Looking forward to meeting our little addition in the next few weeks!

(Big Brother says, “It’s just TOO hard to wait for the baby!”)


~ Julianna


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