When it comes to core exercises during pregnancy there’s a lot of confusion out there. So I’m here to help clear that up and if you haven’t already be sure to read the post related to pregnancy exercises on the blog that are geared towards your “core” (as I like to say rather than “abs”) oh how there is so much more in the word “core”.

Below you will find several safe, yet very effective pregnancy core exercises you can do throughout your entire pregnancy (and postpartum) that can help strengthen your deep “core” muscles – said it again, I know (and if you’ve been working out with my programs or reading my book you know I talk A LOT about your “core” because it really is that important!).

And yes, these exercises are safe even if you have diastasis recti – just remember to always listen to your body and if an exercise doesn’t feel right for you (or you see any “coning” of your belly) skip it and move on…

Ok now it’s time to move your body!


1) In a side kneeling position, reach your top arm over your body and extend your top leg out and away from your body.

2) On the start of your exhale slowly round your spine drawing your top elbow and knee towards each other (they do not have to touch, the goal is to get her to round her back).

3) Inhale to lengthen back out. Do 10 to 20 reps then switch sides.

*Be sure your physician has given you approval to exercise before beginning an exercise program*


1) Start in a kneeling position with your arms back and your chest lifted. Exhale as you sit back towards your heels, rounding forward as you reach your arms out in front.

2) Squeeze your glutes as you come back up onto your knees, lifting your arms up, circling them back around to your starting position. (Do these steps as one continuous motion). Do 5 to 10 in one direction, then reverse. Place a small pillow or double up your mat under your knees if you need.


1) On all 4’s exhale as you do a gentle kegel while gently “hugging your baby” to round your spine.

2) Inhale to lengthen your spine. Do 5 slowly with focus on your breathing.


1) Standing tall lengthening through the top of your head, exhale as you draw your right elbow and left knee towards each other (but not to touching) using your deep core muscles to move your body.

2) Inhale to lengthen back to start. Do 5 to 10 reps then switch sides.


1) On all 4’s, exhale to reach one arm out in front of your body and the opposite leg reaching back.

2) Inhale to round your spine drawing your opposite elbow and knee towards each other (they don’t not have to touch, the goal is to round your spine). Do 10 slow reps then switch sides.

Keep moving mama! Every little bit you do does add up 🙂

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