As a Trainer and Doula, the things I hear most are clients complaining about hip and back pain. The majority of the time when women experience hip and back pain it is due to a weak core and unstable hips. This can absolutely be fixed with active stretching and active release work found in your Prenatal Membership. The Spand-Ice Wrap is also a fantastic complement to help relieve those nagging back and hip pains throughout the day!

I started using the Spand Ice Maternity Relief Wrap at around 35 weeks when it was starting to become a little more difficult to hold my perfect pregnancy posture. With the Spand-Ice wrap, you can either freeze or heat the inserts which makes it extremely versatile for whatever aches and pains you are feeling. The wrap was a perfect addition to my night time decompression routine where I was able to wear it comfortably laying down and watching Jeopardy.

I also wore it during my Knocked-Up Fitness and Wellness Active Release videos, like the Glute Release found here! The added heat and support was amazing and it really helped to keep my muscles warm which allowed me to get super deep into my active stretches.


Slim enough to wear under your clothes

Ice and Heat option

Reusable Packs

Flexible enough to wear throughout all stages of pregnancy

Belly hole is non-constricting

Offer both Pregnancy and Postpartum Wraps

Overall I loved this wrap! I would definitely recommend it to Mamas in all stages of their pregnancy as an addition to your prenatal exercise routine! For more information on the Spand-Ice Pregnancy and Postpartum wraps, check out their WEBSITE HERE. For more information on safe prenatal exercises, check out the Prenatal Membership. You can also learn more about the benefits of Movement During Pregnancy in this BLOG POST.

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