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Wondering which movements are best for you during pregnancy, especially to prepare your body for birth?

Today we’re talking about movement (even if you aren’t an avid exercise or have had little to no energy to actually workout) can prepare you for birth, recovery and motherhood! Join me now during this live conversation with one of our biggest questions from other Knocked-Up Fitness mamas.

With access to my Prenatal Membership, you’ll have access to all the workouts, tips, and tutorials we reference here and throughout my live discussions. Plus, you’ll be a part of our community of moms and moms-to-be on their own personal health and fitness journeys.  I love getting questions from moms about how to improve their health during pregnancy! These discussion topics come straight from moms out there like you! From pre-conception to many years postpartum, my body movement techniques are designed to make you feel your best inside and out.

Moms wanted to know: “What can I do to help my body prepare for better labor, recovery and the challenges of parenthood?” The answer? SO MANY!

Join the conversation below! Please feel free to add any comments or questions so I can help you along your personal journey, as well.

I’m definitely the biggest fan of working out through pregnancy, so I really believe that correct movement will give you more benefits! You should never feel completely exhausted after your workouts. Instead, your goal is to leave the workout feeling energized and more connected. This is something I teach in the Prenatal Membership!

Feeling your core connected and understanding the relationship between movement and breath is imperative to working specifically to improve your labor, birth and beyond.

Let's Talk About the Deep Core, Labor, and Why The Membership May Change Your Birth Plan

Learning how to strengthen, release and breath into your deep core can help you avoid an episiotomy… and not tear! (Yes, even first-time moms!) Becoming an effective ‘pusher’ means shorter labors and more efficient pushing, decreasing the severity of tearing or even not tearing at all!! If you’re planning a cesarean birth, the simple deep core training movement will help you feel stronger than ever!

In the membership, you’ll learn what movement can do to improve pregnancy symptoms. I address back pain, incontinence, poor posture, pelvic organ prolapse, diastasis recti, difficult labor, tearing, effective pushing and more!


Through movement with simple and effective exercises, you can truly feel amazing. In addition, you’ll be learning the right way to connect to and strengthen your deep core! Everything you need to help your body support the strain of pregnancy is available to you in one place. Check out the deep core tutorials, workouts, release exercises, and even more additional information on movements for birthing and beyond. Specifically giving you guidance to better prepare your body (and mind) for birth!

Visit the Knocked-Up Fitness Blog HERE for more Tutorials and Tips– Like this variation on Squats + Rotations.
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