Squats + Rotations

Squats with Rotation are a particularly beneficial exercise for the second trimester of pregnancy.

Take squats. A common, and even classic, exercise staple. Now literally bend this basic movement to meet your adjusted fitness needs as your pregnancy progresses.

Follow these simple steps to do the Squats with Rotation:

1. Part your feet to equal or exceed your shoulder width, then rotate the legs outward from your hips.

2. Perform squats downward toward the floor, while keeping your head up. Do not overexert your back, instead of concentrating on the mobility of your hips and the derriere. And this will become more and more true as your pregnancy advances and your range of motion curtails. Hey, Girl; even a superwoman has to slow down and pace herself once in a while.

3. Stand erect and rotate toward one side. Keep your front leg still, so that your back leg rotates and you pivot on your toe. (You go, Twinkle Toes! Put those ballet lessons to work!). Extend your arms upward and away from you.

4. Stand and lift tall, and from your very core.

5. Rotate back toward the center and repeat the exercise on alternating sides.

6. Complete 10-20 sets of the exercise or as many as feel comfortable or prudent at any stage of the pregnancy.

Why Are Squats a Staple?

Squats can be used as a compliment to any workout, or on their own with variations for a complete mini-session. Other variations can be created by using weights and resistance bands, or alternatively, you may reduce the difficulty by utilizing a stabilizer such as a wall or sturdy chair.

Remember to consult your physician and listen to your body before beginning any exercise routine. Check out the many programs I have tailored just for moms {HERE} to take the guesswork out of exercise, and start a program that is designed specifically for the needs of women!

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