Healthy Lifestyle for the Busy Mom: Getting Rid of the Belly Bulge! {Video}

As moms, we lead the busiest of lives. We’re not just on the job for 40 hours a week, or even 60. We work tirelessly 24/7 to raise our children, care for our family, run errands, and work. With such a full plate, it feels nearly impossible to find time for ourselves and our own health.

Well I’m here to tell you, you don’t have to make crazy changes to your schedule in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It starts with once again, the basics – posture. Postural changes can be made without taking away any time with your kids or husband! Simply changing the way you sit, stand, and carry yourself not only can relieve neck, back, and joint pain, but also turns on your deep core, which helps us get rid of that belly bulge. And if you’re pregnant, having a strong deep core during pregnancy makes it easier to regain that flat belly after baby. Watch my video below to see how you can improve posture with these simple tips, and be on your way to your pre-pregnancy glory (or better)!

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Let’s get the word out! There are a lot of moms and families out there and I want to help as many as I possibly can. Little changes to your lifestyle really can make a BIG IMPACT on both you and your family. Not to mention all the great habits you are building for your little ones, so share on…

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  • Posted October 3, 2014
    by Amanda @MultiTestingMom

    I had two vertical c-sections on a belly that to start with wasn’t very muscular/strong. I’ve always had weak abs. Thanks for sharing this video with us! No one I’ve ever worked with has ever believed me when I say that I think crunches are not what I need right now.
    Can you guide me in a direction to start please?
    You are doing GREAT things for Moms!

    • Posted October 8, 2014

      Hi Amanda,
      You are completely correct when you say crunches aren’t what you need! I teach about focusing on your deep core connection, activating and strengthening your pelvic floor, and tranverse abdominals which is what helps hold everything in and create that flat tummy (NOT doing crunches, that can actually create a bulge). I address diastasis recti and would be the same recommendations for a weaker core in my After Baby DVD (& digital) workouts. You must focus connection when doing anything, moving, lifting kids (& stuff), walking, sitting, standing, etc. Think about doing a gentle kegel and scooping your belly in and up, the up part is key! read this blog for alittle more.
      Keep me posted!

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