My First Pregnancy

Ok so since my site is about pregnancy & fitness I figure it’s about time I tell you my stories. Here it is pregnancy #1 – My energetic little girl, always keeps me on my toes.

Being a trainer & already taking an interest in prenatal fitness during college I was like “awesome!” I knew what I should & shouldn’t do. For most of my pregnancy I continued doing everything I was before, pilates, lifting weights, elliptical, & lots of walking…Oh how I loved walking, it replaced my running. Yes it is ok to run during pregnancy but running just felt weird to me (a hint that you shouldn’t do something during your pregnancy). So I didn’t run during my pregnancy.

Even though I was nauseous for most of the first 5 months I continued to plow through & exercise (I think it must have made me feel better, but who can really remember…that was 4 YEARS AGO!) anyways I continued to exercise through my pregnancy & I do remember finding a new-found love for pilates! I was still doing crazy pilates moves up towards 6 months till I could no longer lay on my belly & had to start limiting certain exercises. Pilates replaced pretty much all my weight lifting, weights just became too hard or maybe it was that I was too stubborn to decrease my weights so I just preferred doing pilates. I could handle doing 30-60 minutes of pilates & I felt great after!

My daughter was born on her due date December 11th at 11:36 p.m. – crazy huh? who is actually born on their due date – plus no one actually thought she’d be born before midnight, I was in labor for around 5 1/2 hours. Not to bad for my first labor/delivery.


  • Water broke around 6p.m.
  • Arrived at the hospital 7 p.m. ish (oh & I don’t recommend arriving at the hospital around shift change – they might forget about you, & trust me you don’t want to be forgotten when your in labor. Especially if you want an epidural – there’s only so much of a window of opportunity for that). I say this because I almost missed my window of opportunity due to shift change!…However I had told myself that I knew I had a good chance of having a fast labor so I might have to go without.
  • Epidural must have been 9:30/10 pm because I remember only having had it in for an hourish before she was ready to come out! Awww…..
  • So I love this part with the first baby when you really don’t know what your doing or what your feeling. With an epidural you don’t or shouldn’t feel pain, you just feel pressure (a weird feeling the 1st time)…but the nurse comes in & says to me “let me know when you feel like you need to ( for lack of better terms) poo” & I’m like “I have been!!!”
  • Shocked she was! She couldn’t believe it & of course I had to wait for the doc which takes him a good 15 minutes to get there – so no pushing yet just hold that baby in…
  • Less than 10 minutes of pushing & there she was!

Boy was I thankful I had been an avid exerciser during my pregnancy! My Doc warned me that next time labor would be even faster… As soon as the epidural wore off I was up & walking around, something I highly suggest if you have had a healthy pregnancy & delivery. It’s a great way to start your body getting back to it’s pre-baby body.

So there she was our beautiful baby girl who didn’t like to sleep unless I was moving! So I don’t know how true it is but everyone said it was because I was always moving & exercising during my pregnancy. Whether that’s true or not I don’t know but she is one little energetic, bubbly, doesn’t miss a beat girl 🙂

Enjoy every moment you can with your little one(s), they grow & change so fast.


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