My Favorite Maternity Pants! | Lululemon Still Pant

I never was much for maternity clothes and for those of you who know me, know I LOVE  lululemon clothes! It’s just so hard for me to move past & try something new.

Turning back the clock to my pregnant days, well not really that long ago ’cause they are only 20 months & almost 4 yrs. but things change so fast and time must be going faster… It was obvious that I just couldn’t keep wearing my current Lululemon pants, the groove pant but must move onto something that wouldn’t make me realize just how much I was really growing & expanding! Adding to that I also needed pants I could wear to work as a trainer and also wear out to dinner. Maternity stores just weren’t for me then, so lululemon it was.

Lululemon’s STILL PANT, turned out to by my favorite maternity pant. Very comfortable yet looked nice so I felt comfortable wearing them anywhere and could dress them up with a nicer shirt. Black was my color of choice. The Still Pant for your pregnancy is well worth every penny 🙂

I have to add more to the maternity pants topic about how there’s more options out there now. I checked out Xpecting Maternity Boutique the other day and was very impressed with new styles & functional jeans, specifically Paige Maternity Denim, they have adjustable elastic built-in to the waist band just like kids pants, Genius if you ask me!

I’ll be purchasing those if there’s ever a baby #3 😉

Paige USA, PAIG-40000712 Womens Laurel Canyon Maternity - Rebel Without a Cause,

Whatever pants you buy during pregnancy be sure they are comfortable & you have room to grow & don’t forget about your hips. I hate to say it but those hips will expand, they have too, keep up your exercise during & after pregnancy & chances are in time they will return to normal.





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