Exercising during pregnancy is great for:

-Strengthening your deep core & pelvic floor muscles needed for labor & delivery-A MUST

-Reducing your discomforts, aches, & pains

-Preventing &/or lessening any back & sciatic pain. Side note: back pain doesn’t have to come with pregnancy, although many women seem to think it does and there’s nothing you can do about it…so WRONG, you can!

-Increasing your energy level & stamina, both needed for labor & delivery

-Preventing dramatic postural changes, which can lead to back, sciatic, hip, shoulder, neck pain & more.  “Stand Up Straight”

-Improving your balance & coordination, this is a must as “pregnancy brain” sets in

-Bettering support of your pelvic floor & pelvic organs. Trust me on this one 😉

-Maintaining a healthy body composition, you must gain weight, but exercise will help keep it under control.

-Increasing your probability of a faster, smoother labor.  If you are an avid exerciser before & during pregnancy be prepared, your labor may be faster than you ever thought.  Mine were, no complaints here.

-Helping to keep your mood & spirits higher. When you exercise your body natural releases endorphins, which make you feel good J Experiencing less tension, anxiety, & fatigue than pregnant non-exercisers.

-Helping you will feel more “in-control” of your ever-changing body.

-Getting your body back easier & faster after baby! Who doesn’t want that right?


I must make a note to say that there are circumstances when you should not exercise during your pregnancy or maybe just for a short time during your pregnancy.

Always be sure  your Doc has cleared you to  

exercise during your pregnancy and again after baby.

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