Why Overdue Is Just An Estimation.. and 6Ways You Can (Actually) Enjoy It!

If you’re waving at your due date as you drive on– still pregnant– it’s easy to spend hours watching the clock pass, hoping for a ‘Hollywood Moment’ of rushing fluid, crazy contractions, and a rush to the hospital. It’s normal (and so exciting!) to get anxious waiting for baby to arrive, but what many moms don’t know is only about 5% of baby’s are born on their due date– and saying you’re ‘overdue’ is only an estimation.
Since conception date depends on your individual ovulation time–along with other variables– exactly 40 weeks can be very difficult to determine, with many health professionals monitoring fluid, but not suggesting intervention until 2 weeks post-due date (provided there are no underlying complications).
All babies (in the womb and in the outside world) grow at different rates, so if you’re approaching or passing your due date here are 6 Ways You Can (& Should) Enjoy Your Final Pregnant Days!

  1. Treat Yourself! If we told you that today was the last day you have to sleep extra, get to the spa, have a long (Read: Uninterrupted) bubble bath, or spend some quality time at the gym– why wouldn’t you?! Time to spend spoiling yourself might be a little harder to come by in the months following delivery, so whatever it is you love to do in your alone time, DO IT!
  2. Quality Time. Speaking of that quality alone time, there are probably others in your life that will want some too! Your spouse, your other child(ren), your pets, and your friends might take a back seat in the early postpartum days– especially when you’re establishing a nursing relationship and taking time to heal after delivery. Take advantage of your pregnant days to bond with everyone in your life, tell them how much you appreciate them, and enjoy their company one-on-one… Trust us, everyone wins with this one!
  3. Out & About. Whether it’s the holidays approaching or beautiful summer weather, there are plenty of places it’s difficult to go when you have a newborn. Holiday shopping can give you some enjoyable browsing time, and will be a lot easier in a healthy pregnancy than it is when your new baby is nursing– and the same goes for hitting the beach or the pool. Remember to take lots of pictures to remember you final ‘outings’ with you plus your baby bump!
  4. Belly. Bump. & Beauty. When every day could be your last day pregnant, its easy to get caught up in the waiting and forget to track your progress. Pass the time by measuring your waistline, doing a belly cast, scheduling a prenatal photo shoot, and even jotting down your weight. Your growing size might be hard to wear today, but it’s easy to forget these details once you have a baby to keep up with. You’ll definitely look back at these mementos of pregnancy fondly one day!
  5. Journal It. By writing a daily journal {try fitbook mama2b} or even a single love letter, you can tell your baby how excited or nervous you are for their arrival, and all the things you’re doing to prepare for their arrival. This is a project you can use to enjoy pregnancy now, read to baby as a newborn, and gift to baby as they get older. A beautiful, handwritten, first-account of how much you already love them!
  6. Kicks, Movements, Hiccups & More! Whether you love to feel the movement, or you’ll be glad when baby is kicking the air & not you– it’s amazing to feel all that livelihood on the inside. It’s normal for baby to move around a little less in late pregnancy due to reduced space, but monitoring movement is a great way to stay connected to enjoying your pregnancy, monitoring baby’s well-being, and reveling in all the amazing things your body has done in the last nine months or more.

Of course, there are tons of ways to enjoy your final days in the pregnancy club, and we hope that adding in a great prenatal workout— to energize you and prepare you for labor– is one of them! Remember that your due date is just an estimation, and not to get discouraged when it comes and goes.. Trust your body, your healthcare providers, and your baby, and you can have an amazing time in overtime!

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  • Posted February 3, 2015
    by Hug a bub

    Its really difficult situation during final time of delivery .I think the idea which you have shared for writing a journal to express the feelings and emotions of pregnancy is great .Most of the expecting parents usually buy lot of baby’s accessories before their birth like Baby carrier ,bed roll ,toys etc.

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