Real Mom Blogs: 30 Weeks Pregnant

30 Week Bump Update:

Ten weeks to go! The bi-weekly appointments start now, which is super exciting because we get to hear baby’s heart beat more often, check my weight (yes, I look forward to it!), and get reassurance that everything is still going well. At my appointment this week we also confirmed some very exciting news: baby is head down– although the toes-in-ribs pains I’ve been having were really the only confirmation I needed!
As I get closer to my final weeks, I’ve realized that I have been really lucky again this pregnancy– no major complications, no swelling or high-blood pressure (so far). I think I can attribute a lot of my health to staying active and trying to maintain healthy eating habits, and I am so grateful for the two amazing pregnancy experiences I’ve had.
This week I had the time (and energy!) to try incorporate a few different body weight exercises into my routine– I’m finding adjusted movements like standing wall push-ups and some yoga poses (warrior variations and tree pose for example) have really helped my balance and stability. I also busted out the resistance band and tried one of the Knocked-Up Fitness and Wellness videos I hadn’t yet. This one really helped the tension in my back– along with a good burn in the arms!
More About Baby:
Measuring in around 16.5 inches, and weighing about 3lbs, the little one isn’t quite so little anymore– and is occupying a lot of space. At this point I can absolutely, without doubt tell that this pregnancy I am carrying very different than with my first. My first seemed to be curled up in a ball, I had a basketball belly. This baby seems to prefer a starfish approach to getting comfy– making me look a lot more wide, all the way around. Below I’ll post a shot of me at 30 weeks with baby #1 for comparison… With both babies it would serve to note I gained 17lbs at 30 weeks, so at this point they are on par.
30 Week Bump with Baby #1
Baby 1
Baby is continuing to gain good fats, and a protein rich diet is extremely important in the final weeks as little one’s brain is making rapid developments. At this point baby is curling up and folding, since he or she is running out of room in there, and amniotic fluid is slowly decreasing (there’s about a liter in there now). At 30 weeks mini is taking in all the surroundings and will actually have some ability to remember his surroundings and what he sees, even though it won’t be that exciting yet. Although every baby develops differently, at this point the last thing left to complete baby’s development is the lungs– which will take a few more weeks, while he gains a little weight to make stay cozy on the outside.
More About Mom:
This week several common symptoms begin to take flight– restless legs, especially in the evenings, can be annoying and difficult to ignore. I’ve found that a few total body stretches before bed can help me get comfortable, relaxed, and reduce the severity of tingly limbs and muscle discomfort. Some of my favorites are Cat-Cow and Mermaid! The seventh month itch might creep in soon too (I am very diligent with my body lotion, and it seems to be helping), since the baby is growing, belly is stretching, and the final months are when most pregnant mamas notice itchiness and even some stretch marks. You can’t control stretch marks, but keeping well hydrated is good for your skin and body– so keep drinking plenty of water!
I’ve also noticed a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions lately, which is something new to me, since I never really had them with my first. I tend to notice them when I’m on my feet for long periods of time, or if I’m not drinking enough water (another good reason to keep hydrated!). While most times Braxton Hicks are just your body’s way of practicing, be sure to call your doctor if they become regular, painful, are accompanied by cramping or fluid– or if you experience a change in how they feel. I usually get 3 or 4 at a time, and then they’re done, and normally they will stop if I sit down, have some water, or trying to stretch out a little to make some room in there. Whatever you’re coping mechanism for Braxton Hicks, its always a good idea to mention to you doctor how often you’re experiencing them and discuss ways to help make you more comfortable.
At appointments now there are a few main aspects of your body that get the most attention: weight, blood pressure, belly measurement, and baby’s heartbeat. Doctors will usually ask how you’re feeling, so be honest and always discuss if you’re feeling excessively tired or are experiencing different symptoms. As baby grows to a full-sized newborn inside, becoming more tired and uncomfortable can be expected, but good nutrition, staying hydrated, and including some gentle exercises and stretches with your doctors approval can make a world of difference for your quality of life– allowing you to enjoy your final weeks as a pregnant mama!
~ Julianna
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