If you’re one of many Knocked-Up mommas waiting for baby, and wondering how your body will react to pregnancy and delivery, you’re in luck!


A study out of The American College of Sports Medicine shows an exciting new positive correlation between prenatal exercise and postpartum weight. Researchers found that women who practice moderate exercise and healthful eating habits are 75% more likely to reach their pre-pregnancy weight at 2 months postpartum!

What’s even more amazing is that exercise and healthy eating during pregnancy yielded similar results in all moms-to-be –whether they practiced healthy habits before pregnancy, or only began exercising during early pregnancy. The study also confirmed that a healthy diet and exercise program does not contribute to low birth weight in babies, instead, it contributes to babies being born within a normal, healthy weight range!

KUF-amazon2This is an exciting breakthrough, since so many women (up to 70% in North America) struggle with postpartum weight loss. By proactively targeting strength and stamina activities during pregnancy, prenatal exercise gives women an opportunity to jump-start their postpartum fitness and reach their after-baby weight goals faster. Several studies show that hanging on to excess weight after baby can contribute to health complications and emotional stress (including postpartum depression), both of which can be significantly reduced by prenatal exercise. These amazing benefits can be reached in just a few workouts a week, and by implementing healthy eating habits.

If your doctor approves you for exercise during pregnancy try starting with some of the Knocked-Up Fitness and Wellness simple, effective exercises, including Exercising During Pregnancy Can Help Prepare You for Life as a Mom! and remember to listen to your body!



American College of Sports Medicine

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  • Posted December 3, 2014
    by erin

    There are several myths involved with women and exercising, like it is bad for the baby, can cause preterm labor, and even miscarriage. The reality is that exercise is a must for pregnant women because it eases the aches and pains of pregnancy, prevents excessive weight gain, and eases the labor and delivery process. Exercise helps relieve the aches and pains of pregnancy by strengthening muscles to ease back pain, and stretching to relieve tension. Exercise prevents excessive weight gain, and prevents problems such as gestational diabetes and fetal macrosomia. It also helps to prepare the mother for the labor and delivery process, and there are specific exercises that help to strengthen the abdominal muscles to shorten the pushing portion od labor and open the pelvis for delivery.

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