Postpartum Fitness Series, week 3 workout




Here’s your week 3 workout! To see this week’s goals & exercises individually check them out here at Pregnancy &

I love seeing your pictures on instagram, so keep it up! This weeks giveaways is, that’s right, not only one but TWO pairs of Brooks Purecadence Running Shoes! I myself am in need of a new pair of shoes, I’m going to get out this week & check out some Brooks shoes for myself! My clients have been wearing Brooks & LOVE them!!!

I just need to squeeze in some shopping time… (but with all the behind the scenes going on around here shopping just hasn’t been a priority). Stay on the lookout for some awesome program’s coming your way!


Seeing as this week’s giveaway is from Brooks Shoes, check out these posts for some great walk/run (or run/sprint) intervals:


P.S Click here to check out all the weeks giveaways!

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